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InfantSEE®- a public health program for infants, managed by Optometry Cares®, the American Optometric Association Foundation. Under this program, participating doctors of optometry provide a comprehensive infant eye assessment between 6 and 12 months of age free of charge regardless of family income or access to insurance coverage. 

Advanced technology- both our offices are equipped with up-to-date instrumentation that allows for proper diagnosis and treatment of ocular conditions.

Management of ocular disease- our doctors of optometry are capable of managing ocular disease including macular degeneration, diabetes, uveitis, and many others. If your ocular condition requires additional treatment our optometrists will coordinate the appropriate care.

Eye Emergencies- if you require emergency services please contact our office immediately. We can manage and treat infections, injuries, contact lens related problems, foreign body removals, and other eye urgencies.

Dilated eye exams- are an important part of routine eye examinations. Dilation gives optometrists the best view of the back of the eye, allowing for detection of eye conditions that could potentially lead to vision loss. This helps the doctor prevent and treat them as quickly as possible. Without dilation, certain structures of the eyes cannot be viewed properly. 

Eye Care Services

Comprehensive eye examinations - regardless of your age or physical health, routine vision and health exams are an important part to preventative health care.